5 Healthy Tips for the Perfect Summer Body

We all know (unfortunately) that summer bodies are made in the winter. But perfect summer bodies are fine-tuned in the spring too.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to nervously check the calendar because your time starts now with these 5 health tips that will get you primed for the warmer months.

Yes, it’s time to say bye-bye to that covid weight.

Once and for all: BYE!

Ok. ‘nuff passion. Let’s rock and roll.

1. Sort out your workout routine

Work-life balance is hard to nail.

But that’s especially true if you’ve been thrown into working a hybrid format over the last year and a bit. Finding the time to get to the gym is also hard. And yeah, it hasn’t exactly been easy given the lockdowns.

But no more excuses.

It’s time to sort out a routine you can stick to. Including exercises, you can do from home or at your local park gives you more ownership over a covid-proof routine that will guarantee results – no matter how crazy the outside world gets.

If you’re finding it difficult to get to the gym – consider including an online class as a way of keeping it real.

2. Get enough sleep

A good night’s sleep. Wow, don’t we all crave that…

But seriously, your future summer body depends on getting more sleep.

The reason behind this is kind of simple: your body needs time to rest and actually turn your hard work into real results. Whether that’s toning up, or losing a few more kgs, you’ve got to let your body actually make those changes. Surprise – these changes happen mostly at night when we’re asleep.

It’s good to limit the number of late nights you have per week and staying up watching Netflix is not going to help either.

We’re talking about real, uninterrupted, deep sleep. You should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night. We can’t stress that enough: at least… If you’re still having trouble, try making your room darker and limit distractions like that (goddam) phone – it’s time to let your bed have all the attention.

3. Slow down on the alcohol

As the weather starts to warm up, the party invitations will start clogging the Facebook events page, (or the fridge wall, depending on your generation) and ultimately, we’ll all want to let loose a bit after an anxious winter.

Not be a vibe-killer, but you’ve got to look at the amount of alcohol you’re taking in. If you’re drinking every night (even just a little bit) then you’ll have to make some real changes.

Even cutting down on the number of drinks you have throughout the week can have a hugely positive effect not just on your weight. It will also improve your performance in the gym, (and pretty much everywhere else too).

Stay clear of liquors with high sugar content (stuff like whisky and rum) because that will only push your body in the opposite direction. If you’re dead set on a cocktail, then try to opt for gins and vodka-based drinks with less sugar content.

4. Include fermented foods in your diet

If you haven’t come across fermented foods before, you should seriously drop your plans today and let this be your inspiration moment.

Research published in 2021 concludes that fermented foods can cause a significant reduction in body weight and body mass index.

Wait. So, you’re saying that drinking delicious things like milk kefir, or throwing some sauerkraut on a sandwich is going to help me lose weight?

Well, that’s pretty much the idea, and the science is there to prove it. Remember that eating just fermented food is never a good idea. You’ll want to stick to a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and good proteins.

5. Choose fresh, organic foods (and drinks)

Whether it’s rice, potatoes, or fancy milk kefir drinks, keeping your diet free from harmful pesticides and steroids will be key to keeping your ideal summer body within reach.

So, what does this mean in practice?

Going to local organic markets and picking out delicious-looking fruit and veg sounds romantic and yes, that’s one way of doing this right – but there are many other ways too.

These days you can shop online for milk kefir and get the goods delivered to your door, with no hassle whatsoever. Oh, and it’s cheaper too.

The verdict

Eating right, getting the sleep you need, and committing to healthy routines are essential to reaching your goals this summer.

Will it be hard? Maybe. In fact, probably.

The thing to remember is, you’re in control, every step of the way. Whether that’s getting the right foods on the table or doing a bit of research into how kefir works – whatever it may be – it’s in your hands now.

Time to go get planning, shopping, and hit the gym. See you in the summer.