Answering All the Internet’s Questions on Visiting A Chiropractor

Going to see a chiropractor can be daunting for the first time, especially if you’re unsure of what happens at the chiropractor or if it’ll even work for you.  

So here are the most asked questions about seeing a chiropractor in Singapore.  

How can a chiropractor help?

Anything that may be irritating you about your musculoskeletal problem can be assessed and aided by a chiropractor. This includes things like a herniated disc, carpal tunnel syndrome, aches and pains, headaches, posture issues and gait issues as well. On top of this chiropractors can help you understand your own health and lifestyle, conduct rehabilitation and help with musculoskeletal-related issues such as pain, headaches and your overall well-being. 

What kind of training do they have? 

Chiropractors may not be doctors in the traditional sense, but they do receive extensive training. On average they spend four years working on their Doctor of Chiropractic, and they cannot take on this degree unless they complete three years of undergraduate courses.  

Students also must complete supervised clinical time during their doctorate program to be able to work as solo practitioners and depending on their location, they often need to pass exams before obtaining a licence.  

Can children go to the chiropractor? 

Many chiropractors treat children, and many parents bring children in for visits quite soon after birth, and again when they start becoming more mobile as children can often knock their spines out of alignment while playing, and as they grow up, children who have a lot of screen time can have neck issues too.  

Can you receive chiropractic care when pregnant?

Although chiropractic care is often pregnancy-safe, it’s always wise to speak to your OB/GYN before you schedule an appointment. Overall chiropractic care can help with lower back issues and other aches during pregnancy.  

Do chiropractic treatments work?

If you want to avoid surgery or prescription medicine, chiropractic care can be useful for many musculoskeletal issues. If you have any doubts in this matter, it’s best to speak to your primary care doctor for their opinion based on your specific needs. 

 Who’s the best choice in Singapore? 

If you’re in Singapore and you’re looking for a trusted chiropractor, you can’t go wrong with Light Chiropractic. With transparent prices, a wide variety of treatments and world-class staff, you can start a path to better health with Light Chiropractic.   

Does the treatment hurt?

Generally speaking, chiropractic treatments aren’t painful, but some patients experience slight discomfort after appointments. But overall, most patients leave with less pain than they had upon arrival, and most pain relief happens over time in a gradual, natural manner. If you ever experience pain, just let your practitioner know and they can help.  

How long does it take to get better? 

This depends on many factors, including your illness and its severity and what your goals are. Some patients only need to visit a few times, others need more consistent care. It all depends on you, so it’s best to visit and communicate your goal to your chiropractor so they can tailor a plan based on your wishes.