How Do You Use Maurten Gels, and What Are Their Benefits?

A form of lubricant for athletes and other persons with dry skin is called Maurten Gel. Numerous elite marathoners consume this high-carb sports drink. If you’ve never tried Maurten before, you’ve come to the right place to learn everything you need to know about the Swedish product that is sweeping the running and cycling communities. Learn more about Maurten Gels in this article, including their advantages and the best ways to use them.

What is Maurten Gel?

The carbohydrate-based Maurten Gels are intended for use during endurance activity. The gels’ unique formulation enables them to be swiftly absorbed by the body and serve as a consistent energy source. The two formulations of Maurten Gel are Maurten Gel 100 and Maurten Gel 200. Although Maurten Gel 200 is intended for more extended activity lasting up to four hours, Maurten Gel 100 is meant to be used during exercise that lasts up to two hours.

The body quickly converts Maltodextrin and fructose, which are included in Maurten Gel formulations, into energy. These gels also contain salt, which aids in maintaining fluid balance when exercising.

Maurten Australia is simple to use and is swallowed without liquid. Just rip the gel package open and eat the gel before or after working out. One gel should be consumed every 30 to 60 minutes while exercising for optimum benefits.

How Are Maurten Gels Used?

Maurten gels are intended to be used with Maurten Perth sports drinks to improve the absorption of the carbohydrates in the glass. To prevent stomach upset or other gastrointestinal problems while using Maurten gels, it’s crucial to adhere to the dose instructions on the packaging.

Just rip open the Maurten gel package and squeeze the contents into your mouth to use. After eating the gel, follow it up with a few sips of the preferred Maurten sports beverage. For the best absorption of the carbs, eating the gel and sports drink within 30 minutes of one another is crucial.

Maurten Gels may be taken before, during, or after exercise and are intended to be ingested with water. It is advised to drink the gels for 30 to 60 minutes before beginning your workout. Use Maurten Gels with 200–250 ml of water for optimal benefits. We suggest taking one gel every 45–60 minutes while exercising. Also, it is recommended to have a gel during the first 30 minutes of activity, followed by a typical lunch high in carbohydrates.

The Advantages of Maurten Gels

Maurten Gels are designed to give your muscles the energy they need without upsetting your stomach. The gels are created using a unique method that enables rapid and straightforward body absorption. It has been shown that Maurten Gels enhance athletic performance and postpone athlete tiredness, making them a popular option for endurance athletes.

It’s simple to utilise Maurten Gels, which may be used before or after exercise. The gels give off energy gradually over time, enabling you to keep up your performance during your training or race. Since they don’t need mixing with water like some other energy gels, Maurten Gels are very practical. There are many various flavours of Maurten Gels, so you may choose one you like. Everyone may use the gels since they are vegan and gluten-free.

Why Is Maurten Gels Unique?

You’ve probably heard of gels that resemble sticky sugar syrup. The first “true gel,” which resembles Jello more than syrup, is Maurten Gel. The hydrogel is already pre-formed, but the technology is the same as in Maurten’s drink. The caffeinated form of the gel, which comes in two varieties, is unquestionably my favourite. Studies reveal that you need far more caffeine than you believe to improve performance (300g to 400g). Maurten includes 100g of caffeine per gel based on an extensive scientific study into the advantages of caffeine for athletes.

How Long Does It Take for Maurten to Take Effect?

After drinking Drink Mix or Gel, the absorption of carbs will become apparent 15 to 20 minutes later. The maximum absorption occurs 30 to 45 minutes after ingesting the carbs, most of which is absorbed 60 to 75 minutes later.

The effectiveness of Maurten depends on a chemical response between the acidic environment of the stomach and the pH-sensitive drink mix. Thus, anything that changes the pH of the stomach could be harmful.

Consuming a lot of water (pH 6–7) before Maurten is one thing that may prevent the hydrogel from forming. This indicates that excessive amounts of water can potentially weaken stomach acid.

Should Maurten Be Used for Training or Just for Racing?

You will be able to sustain a higher degree of performance from the start of your exercise to the finish. Consequently, you will receive a greater “training benefit” from each activity when you feed it with Maurten. Also, since your glycogen stores won’t be as low after exercising, you will recover more rapidly and exercise harder the following day.

In Summary

Have you heard about the new super drink sweeping the professional sports industry? For more than a year, there have been rumours circulating. The beverage is Maurten Gel. The Maurten liquid is intended for usage during endurance sports like triathlons, cycling, and jogging. The gel includes carbs and electrolytes to help you stay hydrated and energised during your exercise. Choosing a trustworthy supplier in Maurten Australia is crucial when picking a shop from which to buy them. Asking your coach or other athletes where they get their gels is an excellent place to start. You may look online or in your neighbourhood for stores that provide sports nutrition items.