Finding the Right E-Liquid for Your Needs

More and more people are making the switch from traditional smoking to vaping. Which means finding e-liquids that can make the entire experience more enjoyable. But what makes for a great liquid?

Here are a few things that you should be considering when it comes to finding e-liquids that can meet your needs.

Flavour is Crucial

Without a doubt one of the most important things about finding a quality e-liquid is that it should be flavourful. It is one of the major selling points of making the switch in the first place: you can experience a plethora of different flavours that would not be available through traditional smoking.

Even better, e-liquids come in just about any flavour that you can think of. There are cocktails, food flavours, fruit flavours, and (of course) tobacco blends. Finding the right flavour takes time and experimentation.

There is a chance that you may find out that something that doesn’t sound particularly appetising actually turns out to be a favourite. Try the various offerings like pizza, cake, mango, watermelon, and so many more.

Nicotine Levels

There is also the consideration of the proper nicotine levels within your e-liquids. Each person has their own desired strength when it comes to nicotine levels. There are generally three different levels: low, medium, and high.

The low option is roughly 6mg and below. These are meant for lighter smokers who wouldn’t traditionally smoke more than a half a pack per day. The medium option is between 9 mg and 16mg, which is for average smokers that range between half a pack and a full pack per day. Finally, there is the high nicotine option, which is 18mg to 36mg. These are for the heaviest of chain smokers out there.

It is important to find the right strength because too little means you will vape more. Too much can result in things like headaches. If you aren’t sure, start with a medium and then adjust from there.

Test It Out

Making the move from cigarettes to e-liquids can be a big one. It can also present you with more than a few choices, bringing about uncertainty. The best thing that you can do is to try a few things out to find out what flavours and strengths you like.

Before long, you will have the e-liquids that you like and find the consistently quality feeling that you have been searching for.

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