Tools for building business partnerships

Today’s small business owners have access to a very powerful tool to build business partnerships and manage it efficiently. Utilizing Cloud-based documents and customer relationship management software combined with social focused communication tools, many of the traditional business partnership traps can be avoided effectively. If potential pairs are not open to using these types of services to build a strong foundation for this relationship can be a red flag and company to avoid partnering with.

Track information and able to draw customer data quickly not only sell customers, but to ensure that they are properly served and remain happy customers in the future. It is also important to have open communication between company executives and other team members and by using online solutions, it is possible to have several methods to communicate while at the same time maintaining costs.

The following tools proved to be very effective in building business partnerships and all have the perfect choice for small business budgets.

ZohOCRM – is simple to organize and use customer relationship management software. All data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed through any web browser. Because of the low cost per seat, set up certain CRM databases for each cost-effective partnership only because only team members need to be accessed can be given accounts and access to customer information they need.

Dropbox – is an online document storage service that allows teams to easily share documents between each other. Dropbox is perfect for members of a business development team that may need to have access to a variety of agreements, marketing collateral and other important business documents when heating potential partners. Team members can access files from Apple iPad or smartphone and share instantly with business partners.

GoogleGroups – is a quick way to set a collaboration environment to share information back and forth with other people. This is very good to discuss partnership activities, especially when many people need to be involved with the decision-making process.

Basecamp – is a simple project management software to be set and has extraordinary features that help everyone involved in building business partnerships remain up to date with current activities. This is a tool that is very useful for companies that prepare many partnerships because it is easy to make templates for all the necessary actions. Most of the plans to implement new business partnerships will have the same task and this tool will allow you to build every new partnership in accordance with specs every time without losing important steps and making everyone follow partnership status.

There are many online tools to build business partnerships and you can research and find services that might be more suitable for your business. However, using the combination of the tools listed above will increase your chances of successful implementation. Most services have low cost or free trials, so take the time to test various services to determine that suits your needs. Monitor important data and have access to it while maintaining open communication with business partners and relationships will be on the right track.

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