Diabetes Insurance

In recent years, Diabetes has become one of the most common illnesses to affect most people in India. While there is no clear understanding of why someone becomes susceptible to diabetes, unhealthy eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and genetic makeup are usually the primary contributors. While diabetes is about the body’s inability to produce enough insulin, it can lead to various life-threatening conditions. There is no known cure for people with severe diabetes, and diet control, exercise, and medications are the only course of action. Since a diabetic person is more prone to other illnesses and diseases, it is important to buy a health insurance policy that offers coverage for diabetes too.

What is Diabetes?

In the simplest terms, diabetes is the body’s inability to maintain blood sugar levels. This can happen due to a disruption in insulin production – a hormone needed to break down the food we eat. Low or high insulin production can impact the blood sugar level, which can damage various body organs.

Types of Diabetes

There are three types of diabetes:

  1. Type 1 Diabetes: This is usually due to an individual’s genetic makeup. In Type1 Diabetes, the person needs a daily dose of insulin for normal body functions.
  2. Type 2 Diabetes: In Type 2 Diabetes, the body cannot optimally utilise the insulin produced and needs medicines to function normally
  3. Gestational Diabetes: This is a type of diabetes seen in pregnant women

Does Insurance Cover Diabetes?

Yes, medical insurance plans offer coverage for diabetes. If you already have diabetes when buying the policy, you will have to allow the waiting period to lapse before filing a claim. This can be between two and four years. If you are diagnosed with diabetes after buying the policy, you can file a claim within three months.

Is Type 1 Diabetes Covered Under Insurance?

Many insurers do not offer coverage for patients diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Therefore, before you buy the plan, make sure that you check with the hosting provider.

What is Covered by a Diabetes Insurance Plan?

Here is a quick look at diabetes insurance coverage:

  • Most medical expenses that are associated with the treatment of Type 1 and/or Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Hospitalisation costs and surgery expenses for certain procedures that are known outcomes of the disease.
  • Emergency medical transport services.
  • Nursing home care services.
  • Home oxygen therapy costs.

Who Needs A Diabetes Cover Health Insurance Policy?

While there is no fixed way to identify who can get diabetes, people over 40 should consider buying it. Also, people suffering from obesity must consider a health insurance plan with diabetes coverage. If you have a family history of diabetes, you might want to get health insurance for diabetics even if you are under 40.

Summing Up

Diabetes is a disease that one has to live with. With no known cure, medical treatments become part of life once a person is diagnosed with diabetes. Hence, it is prudent to opt for a health insurance policy that offers coverage for diabetes. If your current health insurance plan does not cover diabetes, then you can either look for diabetes-specific illness coverage or buy a health insurance policy with diabetes coverage. Apart from the tax benefits of health insurance, a diabetes insurance plan will help save a lot of money. Good Luck!

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