Some Of The Fun Facts About Hair Lice And Its Life Cycle

In general, we all know roughly what these parasites do in life. They suck blood like vampires and drive your child crazy with tremendous itching. But why do they do this? Is it their diet food or want to screw up? If you thought you didn’t like children, stay to discover that posh people like them even less, among other curiosities. Click here to know about lice from Lice Doctors Tucson, AZ

They Don’t Want To Know Anything About You.

Lice are Uranus parasites that have an insane love for children. And it is that they have a preference for children between 3 and 10 years old. Why? The reason is straightforward. After these little years pass, the sebum production in their hair will increase considerably, a substance that, fortunately for us, lice detest horrors. Did you think you didn’t have lice because of your virgin hair? Don’t you wash your son as much as you do? Indeed. Smashed theory.

They Don’t Like Dirty Hair.

The end of the previous point has served us to link ideally with the second curious fact. And it is that, contrary to what is commonly believed, lice roam freely on well-cleaned heads. They love it because their main target is not dirt but blood. In this way, they will better locate the veins and suck as much as they want. Therefore, the itching that invades the child on his head is not due to dirty hair but to the perforation and secretion of the louse’s saliva in its attempt to prevent the blood from clotting.

They Live A Month.

The movie “cockroaches are getting immunized” comes “the most intense life of a louse in just one month.” Indeed, in such a short time they have in this world, they can produce eggs every day of their lives. They can lay up to 10 eggs every day. This is not surprising. Beyond the reproductive genius you can imagine these parasites possess; you should know that this sperm is created in single copulation, which the female will store in her body and then expel as eggs.

They Are Not Capable Of Jumping From Head-To-Head.

Saving distances is because lice do not know how to jump or manage to swim. Then. How do they spread from one head to another? Very easy. These tiny parasites will be spread by scalp contact or by the excellent advice Lice Doctors Tucson, AZ gives your child about sharing with their friends. Contact with a comb, a hairband, a scarf, etc.

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