How Quickly You Recover After A LASIK Treatment

There are many reasons you have not yet been able to bring yourself to perform an eye laser treatment: Not enough time for long regeneration phases, fear of pain or side effects, and the panic that you will not be able to see anything for a long time. Anyone who opts for LASIK treatment will quickly notice that these concerns were unfounded and that a life without visual aids is not too far off. You should visit website to learn more about Lasik surgery

The Short Duration Of Treatment

When everyday life is becoming more and more stressful, you think carefully about how much time you want to spend on operations that are unnecessary. The dream of a life without visual aids can be fulfilled faster than many people think. A LASIK treatment completely corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism takes only a few minutes. There is even no general anesthetic because the eye is anesthetized locally with certain eye drops. This shortens the regeneration time immensely. One day after the treatment, you can usually participate in road traffic again.

The Course Of The LASIK Treatment

Laser treatment on the eye is minimally invasive. A flap, a small incision in the upper layer of the cornea, leads to the layer called the stroma. To do this, the cornea is folded up at the interface. During a LASIK treatment, the stroma is treated with an excimer laser, which can correct the smallest bumps and eye movements with the help of an eye tracker.

When the cornea has been modeled so that the ametropia can be corrected, the corneal cover is folded back again. In this way, it serves as a natural plaster and ensures that no bacteria get to the treated eye area. The flap usually grows back in just a few hours after treatment. This keeps the healing process to a minimum, as the risk of infection is very low, and there is no scar with sutures that has to heal.

Compliance With The Drip Schedule

Even if the procedure is exceptionally straightforward, you have to follow specific medical instructions after the treatment. The attending physician puts together an individual drip plan for LASIK patients. This must be strictly adhered to in order to promote a complication-free healing process.

The Preparation And Planning For Your Big Day

After the decision for the LASIK treatment, an appointment is fixed with you. Hard contact lenses should not be used 6 weeks before your appointment, soft lenses 2 weeks before your appointment. In order to make the waiting time up to the operation as comfortable as possible for wearers of hard contact lenses, the clinic will provide you with soft lenses for the transition period.

Female patients should keep in mind that they must not put on make-up for a week after the treatment. Dyeing eyelashes or going to the tanning salon may therefore need to be considered in preparation.

Current studies show that taking Omega 3 capsules and dropping eye drops containing hyaluronic acid (3-4 times a day) can improve the healing process and reduce the risk of dry eyes. Our tip: if you like, you can start 4 weeks before the operation. To learn more about Lasik visit website that talk about the surgery.

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