Electric wheelchairs for people with disabilities to beat immobility

Challenges with disability

Disability and immobility can create a mess in our lives. Maintaining a fit body to keep up with the past-faced world is an absolute necessity. However, less-fortunate people around us are temporarily restricted from this normalcy for the rest of their lives. Some people are born with disabilities. Some face it after an accident, disease, or old age. Either way, it is challenging for disabled people to lead an everyday life. Depending on the level of disability, they need assistance to move or do their daily activities. Ordinary people hardly realize the pain and suffering they go through regularly.

New disability-friendly inventions with great features

In the era of digital innovations and advanced scientific research, the disabled community can surely get some relief. We learn about the various inventions made from various sources to meet the challenges of people who have a disability. Be it a robotic arm for a toddler who lost her limb in a significant accident, or a tiny hearing aid that can help a person with hearing impairment, the list is endless. People suffering from incurable spinal injuries, paralysis, amputation, etc., need a wheelchair to gain mobility. Gone are the days of manual wheelchairs that was tiring to push through long distance. This is the era for Disability Friendly electric wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are battery-powered and incredibly lightweight. Let’s check out some of the features below:

  1. Lithium-ion battery powered. They are easy to charge and run for approximately 15 miles on a charge.
  2. It weighs only about 50 pounds or 22.68 kilograms, far less than traditional wheelchairs.
  3. So, traveling is more accessible with these wheelchairs. You can fold your wheelchair and carry it like a suitcase anywhere you go.
  4. Most people still choose manual wheelchairs for their affordability. These electric wheelchairs are priced reasonably considering the financial aspects of disabled people.
  5. Relieves stress. With the multiple benefits of the device, this is a more reliable and convenient option for the elderly and disabled.
  6. The electric wheelchairs provide maximum comfort keeping your spine straight.
  7. Easy maintenance. The parts are readily available in the market. The seat covers are washable. It takes less care and ensures maximum user satisfaction.

Be kind and create awareness.

It is often seen in public places that disabled people are mistreated or not getting the support that they deserve. There are several communities for disabled people to create awareness and educate them about their challenges. The disability awareness community organizes awareness programs and offers loads of information. One can be informed on the latest developments in assistive mobility solutions and can find answers to their concerns.

Be independent, minus the worry.

The mobility devices give a sense of self-dependency among people with disabilities. They need little or no assistance with these Disability Friendly wheelchairs. This is an excellent choice who have restrictions from travel, measuring the inconvenience that will create to the individual and family members. The elderly do not need to wait till evening for their family to return home to assist themin going outside for some fresh air or to the supermarket to buy essentials. The person canmove at his own free will and even cover a longer distance without any worries. Being sturdy and lightweight, anyone can use these chairs with ease. Also, these chairs give the best spinal alignment for the best comfort. Thus, opt for the best foldable electric motor at affordable rates today and start exploring again.